Dairy Equipment


Batch Pasteurizers.

Selected Batch Pasteurizer products from our workshop. we have different capacities.


  •  Fabricated with Stainless steel sheets grade 304.
  •  Built with a geared motor fixed with agitator for mixing the product.
  •  Has heating options i.e. gas, elements or steam.
  • It has temperature monitoring gauge.
  •  Comes complete with its control panel


Milk Vending Machines(Milk ATMs)

We excel in offering a comprehensive array of Milk ATMs which are convenient for vending milk in shops or supermarkets.


  • Record total daily sales.
  • Take the volume of the milk that is fed into the dispenser and the remaining volume after-sales.
  • Track sales via SMS/ (SMS NOTIFICATION)
  • Have self-cleaning menu
  • Have user protection security (enhanced security via user password)



Line  Pasteurizer.

Batch Milk-Pasteurizer-

The Olmec milk pasteurizer is equipped with regeneration selection, which means that warm milk is used to heat up cold milk before it enters the pasteurizing part. This ensures low energy costs. A digital pen recorder keeps track of the temperature of the milk in the pasteurizer at all times. Our milk pasteurizer features automatic control by PLC and a compact framework and can be equipped with duo-safety plates.



We offer flow pasteurizers of different capacity, ranging from 500 to 12,000 liters per hour.

Cooling Tanks (Chillers).

Olmec Chillers

We have become a dominant player in the market of manufacturing and supplying Milk Chiller. It is used to cool milk at 4°C and to maintain the freshness of milk. This chiller is the solution for bacteria-free milk storage for dairy/milk collection centers.


  • Fabricated using stainless steel sheets grade 304.
  • Has geared motor fixed with agitator for mixing the product.
  • Has an inbuilt condensing unit
  • Has temperature monitoring gauge.
  • Comes complete with its control panel.


Cooling Tanks

Quickly find the best offers for Milk cooling tank in our workshop, All tanks are made of high-quality stainless steel AISI 304. The insulation is compact and 20% thicker insulation.