Batch Milk Pasteurizer

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The Batch Pasteurizer Basic model (PPB) is specially designed for the pasteurization and production of high quality consumption milk in batches of 200 or 600 Litres.
This pasteurizer can be used for the pasteurisation of milk for human consumption and also for the milk to be fed to the calves.
The unique combination of double jacket and closed water circuit results in an efficient energy transfer.

7 reviews for Batch Milk Pasteurizer

  1. denis mawira

    how much is this product

  2. Olmec

    depends on the capacity

  3. innovative

    how much does a 200ltrs cost ?

    • Olmec

      Ksh 230k

  4. Francis gatara

    In need one 200litres

  5. Justus nyatika

    Wish to know the price of a batch pasteurizer 100 litres,manual cup sealerbfir 250ml,500mls


    Send us quotation for 600 Litre Batch Pasteurizer as soon as possible.

  7. Afia Kwakyewaa

    How much

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