Automatic Water and Vending Machine.

Automatic Water and Vending Machine.
This is an Automatic purified water vending machine. The machine is composed of a 400GPD Reverse Osmosis system that purifies water. The machine has double operation system (manually operated by pressing of a button to dispense water to the bottle) and fully automated through a Card reading or coins inserting slot. The machine versatile in that in case of failure of card or Coin system, the machine can still dispense water. The overall machine Cabinet size 1850mmx750mm (width)x 650mm (thickness) water tank 200L. The machine has the capacity to dispense approximately 120 Litres per hour.
The general configuration is as follows: a pre – three stage filter (pp+ active carbon +pp); RO reverse osmosis (advanced compression membrane shell) +400 pump; Coconut shell carbon T33, Minerals improve the taste (weak alkaline minerals, slightly sweet taste), Plastic cotton insulation 5mm; Copper core filling pump; Coin and card function; Ozone sterilizing device Deluxe car advertising board on the side of the machine; Water cards; Water quality tester, Water meter, electric meter and Water card replicating chip. The Cartilages depend on the local water quality.


Turn Tap water into cash!

Welcome to the world of purified, reverse osmosis, self-serve, spring water vending.

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