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Dairy Equipment.

Olmec Dairy EquipmentWe are the well-known suppliers and exporter of dairy equipments like Batch Pasteurizers, Chillers, Milk Vending Machines, Cooling Tanks and Butter Making Equipment and these are enormously demanded in the market.  we provides our customers with superior solutions adapted to their unique requirements our staffs are leading dairy experts with many years of experience in planning designing and manufacturing of turnkey dairies and dairy components in the region.

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Water Treatment Equipment.

Olmec water treatmentOffering High Purity Water. Cost-Effective Without Investing Regeneration System. Low Running Cost. Automatical Control Industrial Water Treatment System.

Water treatment plant and equipment for filtration and water purification. RO systems, demineralization, UV disinfection, and sample coolers.


Automatic Water Vending Machines.

automatic water vending machinesExperienced Manufacturer & Supplier of drinking water vending machine and coin-operated water vending machine in  Africa. Guaranteed Top Quality & Service.Quality Assurance. Wholesale Price. Advanced Technology. Services: Quality Suppliers



Water Treatment Plant Accessories.

Water Treatment Accessories

Come find the water filter parts and accessories you’re looking for; from fittings, o-rings, tubings, to wrenches and more. Our business includes industrial pure water, equipment, lab ultra-pure water equipment.

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