Water Treatment

We have a range of machines for water treatment which are used to purify different kinds of water sources e.g borehole, spring or pure municipal water.

Before any treatment of water is done, fresh water sample is taken to the accredited laboratory for two kinds of analysis.

▪   Physiochemical analysis– checks the physical and chemical composition of water.

▪   Bacteriological analysis- checks whether the water is contaminated with the different kinds of bacteria.

Note: For bacteriological analysis-sample must be analyzed within 24 hrs after sampling or the sample is refrigerated before being taken to the laboratory.

Effects of the elements in water.

Fluoride: it is an element in water that causes skeletal and dental fluorosis. This is a condition that weakens the bones and browning of the teeth. When children have weak bones, it hinders them from attaining their full potential and will also have some psychological effect due to stigmatization from the peers’ caused by colored teeth.

  • Sodium: this will cause ion imbalance in the body and may have adverse effects on general body function.
  • Total dissolved solids: High levels of Total dissolved solids cause the water to have a different taste other than the natural taste of water.
  • Bacteria: bacteria present in water include among others- Total Coli forms, E-Coli etc. this may cause water borne diseases.


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