Water Treatment Solutions

Olmec Technical Services Ltd utilizes the services of highly skilled professionals and expert technicians with more than 10 years’ experience in the water treatment industry; all of our industrial water treatment projects are also specifically designed by our professional engineers. The industrial plants are designed in accordance with client specifications and water quality parameters.


Our reverse osmosis water treatment plants are custom designed to your specific requirements. There are various determining factors that will give an indication of what equipment needs to be used with regards to the pre-filtration, sterilization, dosing equipment and this is all to ensure you get the highest quality of pure water as the end product and to protect the plant build. The supply water source is in most cases the most important factor, this water must be tested from a reputable laboratory, we will then design the plant in accordance with these elements on the analysis and in accordance with your required flow-rate.


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Reverse Osmosis household drinking water purification systems are commonly used for improving water for drinking and cooking. Such systems typically include a number of steps:

  • sediment filter to trap particles including rust and calcium carbonate optionally
  • Sediment filter with smaller pores. An activated carbon filter to trap organic chemicals, and chlorine which will attack and degrade TFC reverse osmosis membranes
  • A reverse osmosis (RO) filter which is a thin film composite membrane
  • Optionally a second carbon filters to capture those chemicals not removed by the RO membrane.
  • Optionally an ultra-violet lamp is used for disinfection of any microbes that may escape filtering by the reverse osmosis membrane